How long will this take

I see something like this and wonder how far  behind we in Brigadoon really are.

Perhaps the most telling response on the subject of PLNs is from my student Hope, who says, “My iGoogle page is very helpful and helps me keep things organized. It lets me know when my agenda changes.” The fact that a ninth grader would talk about her own research agenda gives a glimpse into the power of the PLN; she is using a term here that is often reserved for grad students!

Value of an internet filter

If every kid that wants to get around our district internet filter can get around it, what’s teh point of having one? Are we just protecting the technologically ignorant from accidentally stumbleing on something they shouldn’t see? Meanwhile, I can’t look up “Bikini Atoll” as part of spur of the moment illustration on the effects of a weapons of mass destruction.

Communication in 2009

Here are two articles you might find interesting:

Text messages cost carriers nothing

Cost to telco: $0.00. Cost to customers: $0.20. Number of text messages sent per year (worldwide): 2.5 trillion. We’ll leave you to do the math.

Why Twitter will go mainstream in 2009” I liked this one, because it is the one I use:

When your parents are starting to follow you

I’ll add when it is blocked by BESS at school or the tech leadership ignores my request to unblock it.